Art Notes – Sol LeWitt

In thinking about the role of art in making an office space interesting - and how a company's art assets can continue to work in subsequent office environments over time - there are some practical considerations to keep in mind when buying art for your office. If you have a large lobby or reception area, a very large painting or sculpture may be what you need to dominate that space. But before you commit to *one* massive piece you may want to explore other options that could prove to be more versatile over the long term. You might consider *a series or grouping* of art that has many components or parts that can be assembled in different ways to give you many opportunities to use/reuse in a variety of environments. For an example on a grand scale consider Sol LeWitt's Lines in two directions in five colors with all their combinations, a set of 75 20x20 inch silkscreen prints (pictured above). This is a very versatile work which will certainly dominate a very large space. It can also be reassembled in a number of ways to work in numerous smaller spaces in different arrangements throughout a large corporate facility.
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