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Art Notes – Sol LeWitt

In thinking about the role of art in making an office space interesting - and how a company's art assets can continue to work in subsequent office environments over time - there are some practical considerations to keep in mind when buying art for your office. If you have a large lobby or reception area, a very large painting or sculpture may be what you need to dominate that space. But before you commit to *one* massive piece you may want to explore other options that could prove to be more versatile over the long term. You might consider *a series or grouping* of art that has many components or parts that can be assembled in different ways to give you many opportunities to use/reuse in a variety of environments. For an example on a grand scale consider Sol LeWitt's Lines in two directions in five colors with all their combinations, a set of 75 20x20 inch silkscreen prints (pictured above). This is a very versatile work which will certainly dominate a very large space. It can also be reassembled in a number of ways to work in numerous smaller spaces in different arrangements throughout a large corporate facility.
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Chihuly HAILAGEDDON update

As I was writing my post on all the wonderful glass exhibitions underway, HAILAGEDDON happened here in Dallas! Golf ball to Baseball size hail pummeled parts of Dallas, including the Dallas Arboretum. But not to worry! Yes, four elements of one Chihuly piece were shattered, but the Chihuly spokesperson assured the reporter that spares are always blown "just in case" of natural calamity. Chihuly has exhibited these large pieces throughout the country, including Florida (hurricanes!) and they have learned disaster planning the hard way apparently!
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Glass Glass Glass – All of Dallas is talking about Glass!

The new exhibition at the Dallas Arboretum of the glass artwork of Dale Chihuly is all the talk of the town - for good reason. It is a show that should not be missed!   Chihuly exhibitions are always a must see but the Arboretum setting makes this one extra special.   One thing I responded to particularly was the contrast between the inherent shininess of glass and the matte surface of nature.   Exploring the exhibit is like a treasure hunt filled with wondrous objects in different shapes, colors  and textures -- it will make you smile. image: In conjunction with the Chihuly exhibit is Master Glass 2012 exhibition taking place throughout Dallas in over a dozen individual art galleries and art institutions.  This exhibition is presented in three parts and  brings over 30 nationally known and local artist whose primary medium is glass. The first phase ended June 9, however many of the  artists from that phase will also be featured in Part 2 which runs from June 16 - July 14 and will debut with an opening reception from 6 - 9 pm on Saturday,  June 16, at the Ro2Art Gallery.  The third phase of the MasterGlass exhibit will feature educational talks, demonstrations, classes and glass installations  to be scheduled through November. Don't forget to check out recent works  by Dale Chihuly at Talley Dunn Gallery through August 18. I have always been fond of both sculptural glass art and functional glass art and have always made glasswork a part our offerings.  
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Earth Day 2012

Check back here soon to get the latest on Earth Day 2012 here in Dallas and how the Dallas Art Community is supporting the cause with artwork made of recycled materials and re-purposed objects  that support sustainability and  eco-friendly aesthetics and integrate socially-aware conceptual-ism in their art making.    
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Sustainable Art *is* mainstream art

Websites such as Inhabitat have been writing articles on Green Design and Sustainable Art for quite awhile now. This in not a "fringe" movement. This is NOW.
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