Moving/Building a New Space

Among the many important decisions required when building or moving to another facility, is what to do about art for the new location.  Art is an integral part of a successful space and a great communicator.  It will welcome your visitors and employees; reflect your organization's image; and complement your facility.  It should not be an afterthought. For over twenty years Gagnaire Art has created personalized art programs that professionally accomplish client goals within budget and on time.  Our process and services are summarized below.
  • Fact finding - Because we tailor each art project to the individual client, our first priority is to listen to you and learn about your brand and image goals.  The facility's purpose and style as well as special needs, budget and completion time will also be addressed.
  • Art selection - Working  with our extensive resources, we research and present a selection of artwork that creatively accomplishes the project criteria.   A placement plan for all artwork along with framing guidelines is provided.
  • Completion - Approved artwork will be procured or commissioned and the framing designed. All necessary details are coordinated and managed in order to deliver the project as specified and on time.  We supervise the installation.
  • Follow up - Assistance with any needs regarding your art collection over time, for example:
      • Framing and installation of "corporate" items on an ongoing basis
      • Add additional coordinating artwork for expansion or office additions
      • Rearrange existing artwork for internal moves or changes
      • Assist with repairing any damage that might occur to the art over time
      • Provide a digital record of your artwork.
We have provided services to American Airlines, Sabre Holdings,, Nortel Networks, Principal Financial Securities, TXU, Weaver LLP and the Long Term Credit Bank of Japan among others.

 Art enhances your business and that is our business