Sustainable Art

Our new world requires new approaches to everything we do - including the art we hang on our walls. The 21st century has now come face to face with a world of limited resources. But as art lovers and owners, we can help support the cause of sustainability. Gagnaire Art is proud to present these creative individuals who incorporate this new sensibility of sustainability, Eco-friendly aesthetics, recycled materials and re-purposed objects  in their art making.  We also present artists and artwork that is compatible with LEED certified environments as well as refurbishing and recycling client's existing artwork.  
Painting on canvas repurposed materials -24x24x2.jpgRepurposed wood vessel 64x17x11 web.jpgc39-Suspended sculpture repurposed plastic mesh.jpgc15-Turned and carved repurposed wood vessel 25x10.jpgc37-Recycled pottery shard mosaic 1 of 2.jpgc59-Eco-friendly painting on paper 22 x 30.jpgc41-Wall hanging repurposed mix media.jpgc75-Recycled aluminum & wood-13x13x2  for wall or table top 12x12x2.jpgc88-Eco-Friendly wallpiece - black locus pods.jpgc99-Eco-friendly sculpture - gathered black birch wood.jpgc35-Painting on canvas - repurposed materials.jpgRepurposed materials on canvas 24x24.jpgc48-Eco-friendly leaf monoprint - other colors available.jpgc86-Eco-friendly painting on paper 23 x 16.jpg